Promotion Rules

  1. The final assessment of a student for promotion will be decided on the final report of the Pupil.
  2. Absence from test and examination shall be entirely the responsibility of the students and parents. No re-test or re-examination will be taken. Passing marks are 35% for all the subjects.
  3. 80% attendance is compulsory for promotion.
  4. All cases of doubt regarding promotion are left to the decision of the principal.
  5. Students who are very weak will be advised to repeat.
  6. Those who fail twice in the same class must seek admission elsewhere.
  7. It is compulsory to appear for all the Class tests, to be permitted for appearing in the Annual Examination.
  8. A student has to pass in the Annual Exam. Separately.
  9. A chance for compartmental (supplementary) examination may be granted only to those students who pass in all subjects except one as per the CBSE guidelines.
  10. Promotions are decided by a committee and hence, the decisions will be final & will not be altered.
Marks Key
Range Grade
91-100 A 1
81-90 A 2
71-80 B 1
61-70 B 2
51-60 C 1
41-50 C 2
33-40 D
21-32 E 1
00-20 E 2

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (C.C.E.)

C.C.E. refers to a system of school based evaluation of students that cover all aspects of student’s development.


  1. The continuous aspect of C.C.E. takes care of ‘continual’ and ‘periodicity’ aspect of evaluation.
  2. Continual means assessment of students in the beginning of instructions and assessment during the instructional process done informally using multiple techniques of evaluation.
  3. Periodicity means assessment of performance done frequently at the end of a unit/term.
  4. The C.C.E. takes care of assessment of all round development of the child’s personality. It includes assessment in scholastic as well as co-scholastic aspects of the pupil’s growth.
  5. Scholastic aspects include subject specific areas whereas co-scholastic aspects include life skills, attitudes and values.

Formative and summative assessment

FA is carried out during a course of instruction for providing continuous feedback to both, the teachers and learns for taking decisions regarding appropriate modifications in the transactional procedures and learning activities.

SA is carried out at the end of a course of learning. It measures how much a student’s has learned from the course. It is usually a graded test i.e., it is marked according to a scale or set of grades.

Continuous Evaluation will help in bringing awareness of the achievement to the child, teachers and parents from time to time. They can look into the probable cause of the fall in achievement if any, and may take remedial measures of instruction in which more emphasis is required.

Examination Rules

Josephites are empowered themselves to achieve their highest potential to believe in their own self. They are ready to face the challenges and solve them in the successful manner and could make out the different in them through their endeavors. We are proud of their excellence in all levels.

  1. A duly signed admission card should be obtained by every student well in advance and should be brought along everyday for the examination. A student who does not bring the admission card will have to obtain the duplicate card paying Rs. 10.
  2. No student may absent himself/herself from the examinations or tests except when prevented by reason of ill health in which case a medical certificate shall be produced along with a separate application from the parent in person.
  3. In any case , the school guarantees no alternative provisions for a students who absents himself/herself from any test/ examination.
  4. Any students found cheating or attempting to cheat in an examination will be given zero in the paper and/ or any other punishment, even dismissal, at the discretion of the management. Any kind to talking, making sign, changing seats or use of any chits will be treated as attempting to cheat.
  5. Willful breach of any of the regulation for the conduct of examination is punishable with expulsion from the examination room or, it discovered subsequently, cancelling of the papers.
  6. Answer papers of Annual Examination will not be shown.
  7. Formative & summative assessment reports have to be signed by the parents on the open day in school.