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  St. Joseph’s School, Nanda Nagar has its beginning on 2nd July 2000, as an answer to impart quality education in an area mostly inhabited by workers.   St. Joseph’s School belongs to the Catholic Diocese of  Indore, a Registered Religious Society, under the management of the Bishop of Indore, which runs a number of reputed schools such as St. Paul H.S. School, Indore, Rajeshwar Vidhyalaya, Mhow, Holy Trinity School, Dewas.   The growth of St. Joseph’s School, Nanda Nagar and its finding a place of its own among the premier educational institution of the city is the result of able administration and the competent staff members. The school never compromises on quality. “Excellence” is the catch word for the school. The holistic growth of a student in all spheres is our aim. Therefore we offer a wide spectrum of activities to the students. Ever since its plunge, the school has maintained its quality. The school is esteemed by all in its mission of imparting quality education and thereby (molding the lives of) making a mark in hundreds of students’ lives.

The school has grown over the years by leaps and bounds. The spacious class rooms and the peaceful atmosphere in the campus, is a perfect scenario for learning.

St. Joseph’s stands as a jewel in the crown of the city. The school, which had been under the state board from its beginning got affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi in 2007.


The Emblem & Motto




The specialty of a lit lamp is that it gives light to everyone who comes. St. Joseph's School is like a lamp lit on a mountain top, leading everyone to light of knowledge by dispelling the darkness of ignorance values.



The Bible begins with the book called Genesis where it is written:

“Then God said, Let there be light.’ And there was light.” God is
light and there is no darkness in him. God is the source of light. Writing about Jesus, St. John says:”The true light which enlightens everyone was coming into the world”. Jesus Himself says, “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid So “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE”.

Each person becomes a light to the world If he obtains right knowledge and dispels the darkness of ignorance. The process of learning from childhood to adult age, allow one to remove darkness from one’s life and come into the light, to become gradually an enlightened person. St. Joseph’s School will begin process of learning for little children in KG and accompany them to higher classes: So we pray with our ancient sage: LORD, LEAD ME FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT.




1.  Integral development of the child, impacting the noble values of physical, social, intellectual, moral and iritual growth adjusted to each child’s apacity and speed to absorb and integrate them.

2.    Impacting the traditional academic skills of reading, Writing   and Arithmetic and leading the child to the knowledge of   Arts, Science, Commerce and all other areas of modern education within our limits.

3.   Inspiring the child to have a spirit love and respect for all,for God and for our country.

4.   Formation of the character, mind and heart of the child with attitudes needed for a balanced, confident,mature outgoing and loving personality, living in harmony with nature and with all the citizens of the country to develop a strong India and new world.

Our Vision ‘Soar High'

In collaboration with our community and parents, the vision of St. Joseph’s School is to provide all students with an outstanding education that motivates them to reach their full potential and  
enables them to discover their interests and talents, pursue their goals and dreams, and succeed in college, in the workforce and as engaged citizens.

Our Mission ‘Down to Earth’

 We are committed to assure learning experiences that will assist our students to achieve their greatest potential to adapt and adjust to a diverse and ever changing society. We are dedicated to serve   our students with the understanding that diversity of gender, physical or mental ability, culture, and background are strength to
be respected.



Principal            :       08:15 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.
Head Mistress   :       08:15 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

                                      (Also by appointment)


The Principal need not be contacted at her residence for any official business.


Payment Office  :       08.10 a.m. to 12.00 noon

Clerical Office   :       Throughout the school hours.



Monday to Friday
Classes I to V                            :    07:40am to 01.30 pm
Classes VI to XII                      :    07.40 a.m. to 02.00 pm

Classes I to XII                         :    07:40am to 12.00 pm
Parents Teacher Meeting
      :    08:00 a.m. to10:00 am

After every Formative and Summative Assessment

Note: No school business will be transacted on holidays and after
  the office hours.



1. Attendance at prayers before the school is obligatory   because God’s blessing should be invoked before any work, neither should we neglect to offer thanks afterwards.


2. At the sign of the bell, classes led by their Teachers shall assemble without any delay, and in silence.

Our School Prayer
    My God bless me. Bless my work & my School.
    Bless my Parents and my Teachers.
    Bless my Country and its Leaders.
    Make me obedient and truthful.
    Give me courage and strength.
    God make me a good child.

  2.   Our Father
    Our Father in heaven, Holy be your name. Your kingdom

    comes, your will be done on earth as it in Heaven. Give us

    today our daily bread; forgive us our sins as we forgive those

    Who sin against us. Do not bring us to the test but deliver us
    from evil.    Amen.

 3. Assembly Prayers



Make me all through today O God, Obedient to my Parents, Respectful to my Teachers, Diligent in my work, Fair in my games,
Clean in my pleasure,
Kind to those/whom I can help, True to my friends,
And loyal to You, Amen


O God/thank You formaking me as I am. Thank You for/ the health and strength For eyes to see, For ears to hear, For hands to work, For feel to walk and run, For a mind to think, For a memory to remember, Thank You for, Parents who are kind to me, Friend who are true to me, Teachers who are patient with me,
Thank You for this wonderful life. Help me to try/to deserve all our gifts! a little more. I ask this/ through Your name. Amen



O God/ all through today help me/ To control my temper/ even when/ People and things annoy me/ Give a new hope! when things are difficult/ And when learning is hard/ Help me! so to live today, That I will have nothing! to be sorry for,
When I go to bed! again at night, Amen.



Help me today O God,
At school to oncentrate/ on my work, And not to let/ my thoughts wander,
At games to play, fair,
At home to do my share in the work !without grumbling! and without
Having/to be asked twice/ in my leisure time/ to enjoy myself/in

such a way/ that I will do good to myself/ and good to others/ Help

me to make this / a happy day for myself/ and for all/ whom I meet.



Today O God make me/Brave enough to face the things/ of which I am afraid/ Strong enough/ to overcome the temptations/ which try to make me do/

the wrong thing/ and not to do/ the right thing. Persevering enough/

to finish every task/ that is given to me to do/ Kind enough/ always to be ready/ to help others. Obedient enough/ to obey your voice/ whenever you speak to

me/ through my conscience
Help me
To live in purity,To speak in truth,
To act in love ,All through today ,Amen



O God! take care of me, all through today Control my speech So that I may speak
Polite words ,Kind words ,True words Beautiful words.
Control my thoughts So that I may think pure thoughts sweet friendly and cheerful thoughts. Selfless thoughts
Control my actions So that all through today My work may be my best I am always ready to lend a hand! to those who need it. I will always try to bring happiness. I ask this! through Your name, Amen

4.Prayer to Guardian Angel:
Angel of God, my Guardian dear, To whom is love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side, to watch and guard, to rule & guide.

5.Prayer before study :
Oh! My God, bless us ad enlighten us.
6Prayer after study:
Oh! My God, we thank You for enlightening us.
7Prayer before going home:
Dear God, I thank You for this happy day fun and friends for work and play.      Thank You for Your loving care, here at school and everywhere.
8Prayer at examination time:
O God! help me at my examination today/to remember

the things/ which I have learnt and studied.
Help me to remember well/and to think clearly.
Help me! not to be so nervous! and excited! that I will not

do/ myself justice/and keep me clam/ and clear hearted.

Help me/ to try my hardest/ and to do my best/
I ask this! through your name. Amen.  

9. Prayer for
God our father we thank You for our parents, brothers and           

sisters. May Your love, peace & joy reign in our families and

mostly it be deeply contemplative intensely showing and
vibrant with joy. Help us to stay together in joy & sorrow.
Teach us to distressing disguise. May we love each one of

us each day, let us forgive each other faults as You forgive

our sins. Help us, 0 living Father to take whatever You give
and to whatever You take with a smile. Be with us Lord,
always be guide and protect us, Amen.

10. Prayer for the sick:

Lord heavenly Father………. is ailing and suffering from …………..
We ask you, Lord, in a very fervent manner to help him/her
to bear this suffering patiently and in a spirit of fortitude.
You know best what is good for each one of us. Give us the
grace to surrender to Your holy will.

11.Prayer for Educators (Parents & Teachers):
Lord, give us the wisdom

To deal with our children as You would
To see in each of them Your holy image,
To develop in them a genuine love for all men,
Not only a select few,To nurture in them a divine desire to ‘put in’

And not simply to 'take out'.


To teach them to be ‘go-givers’ rather than ‘go-getters’
O God, in training these dear
Entrusted to our charge, help us.
To encourage rather than discourage them,
To discipline with kindness not softness.
To guide them intelligently, not blindly
To coach, not scold to nudge not nag
Dear Lord, above all help us.
To use common sense in regard to their future
To let them go gladly when the time come,
To let them lead their own lives while following them with love. .

 The origin of St.Joseph's school,Nandanagar,Indore was a dream of the locality.In this regard,a proposal presented by St. Joseph's parish council was accepted by the finance committee of Indore Diocese and Bishop George Anathil SVD gave his consent to build up the school. The "Bhoomi Poojan" was done on 3rd November ,1999 and the construction work carried out in six month's time. The school building was inaugurated and blessed on 2nd July 2000 by Shri Ramesh Mendola and Bishop George Anathil SVD respectively.

 Rev.Fr.Charles Pinto SVD was appointed as the first manager and Rev. Sr. Lawrence Arasi was appointed as the first hedmistress. The school began its first academic session with a number of 118 students and three staff members.

 Present Status :

 At present there are 1800 students and 50 well qualified teachers . In 2010-11 we started class XI with science stream (PCM and PCB)